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What we are Learning About Creating Sustainable Fellowship Networks

Author: Odin Zackman
Date of Publication: Friday, March 22, 2002
Learning Circles: Sustaining Networks Learning Circle
Abstract: The LLC has sponsored a number of learning sessions focusing on how to effectively work with the graduates of our programs. The lessons and approaches discussed in this document were generated by LLC regional circles in New York and Washington DC. The document shares learning around the following questions: Naming: Sustainable Fellowship Networks or Alumni Organizing?; What Do Programs Hope to Achieve Through Sustainable Networks?; What are the Obstacles to Building Sustainable Fellowship Networks?; How Are Fellowship Networks Initiated?; What are the Types of Fellowship Network Activities?; How are Fellowship Networks being Supported?; and How are Fellowship Networks Communicating and Using Technology?
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What we are learning

Odin, this is a great synthesis of the learning that emerged during this period. Thanks for sharing it. What do others think about the implications for program alumni and the long-terms sustainability of their L.D. experience?