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Three LLC Circles Share Learning About Sustainable Leadership Networks

Three LLC circles (Sustaining Networks/Alumni, Social Media and Leadership, and Health Leadership) convened for a conference call and web-based meeting using the WebEx platform to discuss creating and sustaining leadership networks. Twenty people explored the following questions: read more »

  • What forms of collaboration and network creation are we seeing in the leadership development arena?
  • What tools or processes do we find strengthen leadership networks?
  • What are the biggest challenges to sustaining network participation?

Let's Stand Up For Creativity in 2008 (and beyond)

To the Presidents and Deans of America's Arts, Theater, Design, Engineering, Science, and Journalism Schools: In one year we'll be asked to choose a President, 34 Senators, all 435 Congressmen, 11 governors, and thousands of state and local officials. Do you know of any candidate, at any level, that has a platform on creativity, the arts or innovation? Neither do I. read more »

The Power of Place: Creating Space in New Orleans in 2009

We are holding Creating Space in New Orleans in 2009. What will it mean for us to be there? What can we learn? What do we bring? I have been thinking a lot recently about the power of place, about the stories that are layered in our environment that we are unaware of, especially the stories of those who have been excluded from history -- whose stories are invisible to us but are still etched in the land. What are those stories? What can they teach us? How do our lives embody these stories even when we are unaware of them? read more »

Designing an evaluation for a community health leadership initiative

The Leadership Learning Community Health Leadership Circle and the Center for Creative Leadership, hosted a peer consultation session using an on-line conference tool, WebEx. During the hour and half call, over 30 people provided insights, inquiries and tested advice to a team from the Center Creative Leadership who are partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop "Ladder to Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Community Health Leaders." read more »

Using EvaluLEAD

What experiences have you had developing and using EvaluLEAD results maps? How have you adapted EvaluLEAD in the contexts you are working in? read more »

Leadership innovation and the role of evaluation


What is the role of evaluation in the process of leadership innovation? This is a question we discussed recently at a Boston Circle gathering. Debbie Frieze shared Berkana’s theory of change that starts with a premise that local leadership is a powerful force for innovation and change. Experimentation with new ideas and processes happens at the local level where leaders are responding to the conditions they face. They actively seek alternatives to “business as usual.” Innovation often inspires resistance because people are not easily able to let go of the old to make room for the new.  read more »

Preparation for Boston LLC meeting on 9/21/07

As you prepare to come to the Boston LLC meeting on September 21st to engage in a learning dialogue about "evaluating the emergence of leadership within networks and read more »

Networks and Communities of Practice: What is the difference?

GroupWork2-Community or Network

Networks and communities of practice are often terms that are used interchangeably. Is there a difference? read more »

Interactive on-line alumni directories

Have you created an interactive on-line directory that enables alumni of your program to connect with each other around shared interests and to find resources? read more »

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