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Foundation Partnership Program


The Foundation Partnership Program is an excellent opportunity for foundations to strengthen their own leadership development work while investing in Leadership Learning Community to support the infastructure of the field.  As a member of the Foundation Partnership Program, you are making a direct contribution to the core mission work of LLC by providing those who run, fund and evaluate leadership development with access to resources and networks, to advance a more just and equitable society.  The need for core operating support sontinues to challenge nonprofits, as we strive to build sustainable models for fundraising.  By supporting organizations that pioneer cutting edge thinking and relevant connections between the field and stakeholders, foundations are not making innovative investments that contribute to furthering the leadership field to meet the changing demands of leadership for today. 

Valuable Benefits


  Access to expertise: 

As part of the Program, you will receive two hours of free consultation with our senior staff, tailored to your leadership models and questions. 


  Increase Your Reach:

Extend your reach with LLC's targeted and engaged network by promoting your research, programs and events through our website and communications. 


  Priority Access to Consulting Services:

Access LLC’s high-quality consulting services as well as its qualified team of consultants that complement LLC’s expertise.  The consulting services include evaluation of leadership programs, network development and strategic research.

  Participate in Learning Circles:

Opportunity to attend LLC's Annual Funders & Evaluators Circle, where participants connect with other leadership funders and evaluators who provide ongoing learning and support.  Other opportunities to attend learning circles are available throughout the year. 









For more information, please see the Foundation Partnership Program Overview and Membership Benefits.  If you have questions please contact Elizabeth Lanyon, Philanthropy & Partnerships Manager: or 510-238-9080









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