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LLC Members

Our members include a diverse group of hundreds of funders, practitioners and consultants, all of who are engaged in leadership development work, mostly in the nonprofit sector.  Check out what they think about the value of LLC!



"LLC looks for innovation all the time – who’s doing different kinds of work  –  and brings those resources to the meetings and to the conferences. It attracts innovation and also looks for innovation."  (Manuel Gutiérrez, Metis Associates)

"Through LLC events I get creativity, innovation, cutting-edge thinking, and connections with interesting people." (Tracy Patterson, Center for Creative Leadership)


"LLC offers an opportunity to get together with other people who share a common goal and a common mission. Being associated with people who are trying to accomplish the same things is invaluable, especially now with the economy the way it is, it is more important than ever to link up with each other." (Sallie Petrucci George, RWJF)

"I have met many fantastic people through LLC, and thanks to that process several partnerships have emerged – both business and intellectual partnerships." (Eugene E. Kim, Blue Oxen Associates, LLC Board and Community Member)

“Every LLC gathering creates a spirit of exchange that draws on the gifts and experiences of participants." (LLC Member)


"LLC has given me a sense of particular application in areas that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to." (Patti Anklam)

“The robust dialogue always has me coming away inspired, re-energized and feeling like I have SO much more to learn.” (LLC Member)

“LLC has given me the space to think about bigger picture issues, such as different models of leadership--and the tools to learn more and have great discussions.” (LLC Member)