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  • Do you want to understand the impact and outcomes of your leadership program or initiative?
  • Are you looking for a multi-disciplinary evaluation team that can understand the complexity of your program or initiative?
  • Are you looking for an evaluation approach that not only provides strategic recommendations, but also strengthens your team's understanding of the evaluation process?

The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) is your resource for comprehensive, effective evaluations.  We have been conducting evaluations for some of the nation's most innovative leadership programs and foundations for over a decade.


Our Approach

Our participatory evaluations engage all of the stakeholders of your initiative, including the participants, in both the data-gathering and interpretive process. By engaging these stakeholders, we provide them with the opportunity to reflect on, measure, and document changes that are occurring at multiple levels – personal, organizational, and institutional. This process not only produces highly valuable data, but also gives you a deeper understanding of program effects and the factors contributing to the results. We package and present this information to demonstrate program successes; illustrate significant changes; identify and outline challenges; and provide actionable recommendations for increasing your impact.


Our Diverse Team

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Our multi-disciplinary evaluation team features highly qualified consultants coming from a wide range of backgrounds, including social networks, academia and health. One example of how we leveraged a multi-disciplinary team is an evaluation we conducted for a 10-year Violence Prevention Initiative supported by The California Wellness Foundation. The team consisted of a biographer, a community leader committed to working with disenfranchised youth and adults to develop their leadership, a programmatic expert in the field of leadership development, a public health program evaluator, a leadership development program evaluator, and a project manager. As a diverse team we improved the quality and relevance of the evaluation questions, ensured the use of appropriate data collection methods, and produced a report (One Story, Many Voices: The Impact of Violence Prevention Programs) that was rich with stories and solidly grounded in leadership development program practice and theory.

Our consulting leads are Claire Reinelt, PhD., LLC’s Research and Evaluation Director, and Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director. Claire has conducted research and evaluations for numerous foundations and leadership programs. Her clients include the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The California Endowment, among many others. Her particular areas of expertise are designing and implementing evaluations for complex leadership development initiatives that seek to have transformative and sustainable impacts for communities that result in greater equity, justice, health and well-being. Deborah has conducted evaluations for national and international leadership programs and produced leadership scans, literature reviews and made program recommendations on behalf of 30 foundations that include a broad range of small, large, regional, state and prominent national foundations.

Extensive Experience

  • A cross-program evaluation of six different leadership strategies funded by both the Packard Foundation and the Gates Foundation to build the capacity of reproductive health and family planning leaders to lead their organizations and form alliances with other leaders to influence population health policies and their implementation at the local, regional and national levels.
  • An evaluation of seven boundary-crossing leadership programs in health funded by The California Endowment to increase health leadership capacity among youth, immigrants, elders, and other leaders in communities of color to work collaboratively on community health solutions.
  • The design of a retrospective evaluation of the Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship Program run by the Hospital Research and Education Trust to learn how Fellows grew as patient safety leaders and what contributions they and their organizations are making to improving patient safety and addressing the organizational, system, and cultural challenges that interfere with improving patient safety

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