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Our Evaluations

  • Do you want to understand the impact and outcomes of your leadership program or initiative?
  • Are you looking for a multi-disciplinary evaluation team that can understand the complexity of your program or initiative?
  • Are you looking for an evaluation approach that not only provides strategic recommendations, but also strengthens your team's understanding of the evaluation process?

The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) is your resource for comprehensive, effective evaluations.  We have been conducting evaluations for some of the nation's most innovative leadership programs and foundations for over a decade.


Our Approach

Our participatory evaluations engage all of the stakeholders of your initiative, including the participants, in both the data-gathering and interpretive process. By engaging these stakeholders, we provide them with the opportunity to reflect on, measure, and document changes that are occurring at multiple levels – personal, organizational, and institutional. This process not only produces highly valuable data, but also gives you a deeper understanding of program effects and the factors contributing to the results. We package and present this information to demonstrate program successes; illustrate significant changes; identify and outline challenges; and provide actionable recommendations for increasing your impact.


Our Diverse Team

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