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Our Alumni Network Development Services

  • Are  you  a  leadership  development  program  interested  in  supporting  your  alumni to  connect  in  a  learning network?  
  • Do  you  want  to  integrate  a  network  leadership  strategy  into  your  leadership program?  
  • Do  you  want  to  evaluate  your  existing  alumni  network?

The  Leadership  Learning  Community  (LLC)  is  your  resource  for  developing  an  alumni  network  strategy  that  is  right  for  your   program.    Whether  you  are  looking  to  evaluate  and  improve  the  effectiveness  of  your  current  alumni  network  or  develop  new   approaches  for  connecting  the  alumni  of  your  program,  we  work  with  you  to  devise  a  responsive  and  feasible  strategy.    We  leverage   network  building  techniques,  social  network  analysis,  and  other  innovative  methodologies  to  connect  the  people,  resources  and   ideas  necessary  to  increase  network  solidarity  and  influence.  We  have  pioneered  ideas  and  methodologies  for  sustainable  network   building  for  a  decade,  launching  a  variety  of  cross-­alumni  collaboration  pilot  programs  at  the  national  level.    Our  project  teams   bring  together  the  best  minds  in  network  thinking  and  practice  to  deliver  high-­impact  results.


Our Approach

We  design  a  leadership  network  strategy  based  on  your  specific  needs  and  interests.    Our  services  include:

  • Improve  the  capacity  of  your  program  to  support  network  leadership  development    
    • Network  approaches  to  leadership  development  are  more  effective  and  sustainable  when  they  are  deeply integrated  into  your  leadership  program.  We  work  closely  with  you  to  infuse  network-­building  elements  to   strengthen  your  curriculum,  such  as  collaborative  technology  training,  collective  decision-­making,  and   understanding  of  roles  within  the  network.
  • Connect  your  program  alumni  through  a  learning  network  
    • We  connect  your  program  graduates  with  graduates  of  the  same  or  a  different  program  to  leverage  their   diverse  experiences  and  insights  by  creating  opportunities  to  establish  relationships,  share  resources,  and   communicate  their  knowledge.    Learning  networks  foster  ongoing  support  and  collaboration  among   participants.
  • Evaluate  your  existing  network  
    • If  you  are  already  running  an  alumni  network  we  can  help  you  understand  how  your  members  are  connected,   how  they  are  collaborating,  and  the  impacts  they  have  as  a  network.    Understanding  your  network  is  an   important  step  for  identifying  challenges  and  opportunities  for  scaling  your  efforts.

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