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UC Berkeley Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)

ELP is designed for environmental professionals from nonprofits, government, and business. The core component of ELP is an intensive summer certificate course in Sustainable Environmental Management. Since 2001, ELP has graduated 268 environmental leaders from more than 60 countries. Course participants continue their learning and peer relations through the Berkeley ELP Alumni Network and an active website, newsletter and research and educational exchange opportunities.

The ELP advisory committee was interested in learning about what impact the program had for the participants and for the organizations where they work. They also wanted to get input from participants about what works well in the current program and what suggestions for improvement they might have.

LLC, in consultation with the ELP advisory committee, developed an EvaluLEAD results map. The results map guided the development of ELP Evaluation Questions. Site visits to Indonesia and Vietnam were conducted to learn how participants were applying what they learned, what challenges they were facing, how ELP contributed to their environmental leadership and what else might be done to support them. An on-line survey was developed and disseminated and interviews were conducted with participants.

Learning from the evaluation will assist the steering committee to more effectively make the case for investing in environmental leadership development, and enable them to improve the program to make it more responsive to the learning needs of participants. The results map, inquiry framework and participant survey are linked to a blog post by Claire Reinelt. A final report will be completed in April 2008.