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Member Spotlight: Dianne Yamashiro-Omi


Dianne Yamashiro-Omi, Senior Program Officer at The California Endowment, is a big picture thinker.  We were drawn to her many years ago when she began talking about boundary-crossing leadership.  We felt very lucky to be a partner in this work, running a learning circle for her grantees so that we could all learn more about how to support leaders who can build bridges across boundaries. One divide that can be tricky is the one between funder and grantee, but Dianne brings a keen awareness of power dynamics. She frequently asked how her presence might alter a frank conversation and offered to attend (or even not attend) meetings to support candid learning. Dianne has been an invaluable learning partner asking the kind of tough questions we love about racial justice and the kind of leadership it would really take to tackle inequities in the health of Californians.  read more »

Developing Leadership Across Boundaries: Learning from a Foundation-Grantee Learning Community Partnership

Over the past three years the Leadership Learning Community partnered with The California Endowment, and eight grantee organizations to form a learning community on boundary-crossing leadership. The purpose of the initial learning community was to: (1) explore what boundary-crossing leadership is and how it is supported and developed in different contexts; (2) build the capacity of learning community partners to define their desired results and evaluate outcomes (both the grantees and the foundation); (3) form a trusted learning community where partners can learn and share with one another in ways that improve their collective impact; and (4) gather data from participants in partner programs about the impact of participating in the program, and identify what works to cultivate boundary-crossing leadership. read more »

Leadership for the 21st Century: Can we afford specialization?

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Global Youth Leadership Summit in Salzburg, Austria. The customs agent laughed when I said I was going to a “youth” summit so I had to explain that I was invited to attend as faculty. I was asked to bring a leadership lens to support 42 young people from all over the world who were coming together to engage in scenario planning for the year 2030. (The Salzburg Seminars are an amazing opportunity if you are not familiar with them, The scenario model process facilitated by Lawrence Wilkenson, Global Business Networks, looked at four quadrants of potential scenarios along 2 dimensions, the human divide and the future of the planet. I was humbled by the sense of urgency with which the group of 20- to 30-year-old leaders tackled the global issues of human divide and the environment, developing action plans that connected their own work in ministries, as journalists, as community organizers, and as academics to these issues. read more »

Leadership and Language: The Boundary Crossing Dilemma

2008 Boundary Crossing Gathering

LLC has been involved with The California Endowment in a project to convene leadership programs that share a focus on supporting “boundary crossing” leadership. This work and use of the term boundary crossing took shape in response to the civil unrest in Los Angeles and concerns about racial divides. Boundary Crossing Leadership in its early days was rooted in a social justice and oppression perspective with a focus on the need to build solidarity across racial divides and other ‘ism’s. Eventually ‘boundary crossing’ came to encompass a broader range of boundaries including boundaries that separate organizations, sectors, and disciplines. The language of boundary crossing has met with mixed reviews for a number of reasons worth trying to learn from. read more »

Evaluation Wisdom - an overview of evaluating leadership development programs

If you would like to learn more about how leadership programs evaluate their outcomes and impacts, e.g., what outcomes and indicators they define, what approaches, methods, and sources of informati read more »

News from the Evaluation Circle

Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation

The Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation is now available! The Handbook provides broad and practical information about how to conduct leadership development evaluations using a variety of approaches. This companion site includes the book's introduction, a summary of each chapter, and links to resources that are mentioned in each chapter. The Handbook was edited by Kelly Hannum, Jennifer Martineau (both with The Center for Creative Leadership), and Claire Reinelt of LLC and brings together a collection of outstanding leadership development evaluators from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to share their learning about leadership development evaluation design, implementation and use in different contexts. read more »

Deepening our Capacity to Foster and Evaluate Collective Leadership

The Evaluation Learning Circle held a meeting on January 17th-18th, 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first day combined the work of the Funders' and Evaluation Learning Circles. Our theme was "Deepening our Capacity to Foster and Evaluate Collective Leadership." With a growing interest among funders and practitioners in cultivating boundary-crossing leadership, community leadership and collective leadership, we saw an opportunity and a responsibility to deepen our understanding of what collective leadership is and how to evaluate it. read more »

Integrating Spirituality and Reflection PDF file [download] [more info]

Kellogg, Rockafeller and Fetzer alumni gathered at a small retreat center to explore together the meaning of spirituality in their lives and in their leadership for social transformation. As leaders in the fields of education, medicine, business, philanthropy, the arts, and social change, and as alumni and fellows of three prominent national leadership programs, the participants at the gathering were not new to conversations about leadership and were able to bring broad connections and deep understandings to the conversation enriching the experience and learning that is documented here.

Authors: Deborah Meehan

Subjects: spirituality, reflection, leadership, fellows, boundary-crossing leadership, alumni

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Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity - web site External website [view] [more info]

Created for Community Groups and Individuals: 1) Who want to know more about how to do evaluation. 2) Who are working on changing their communities. 3) Who want to be certain that their evaluations take into account issues of racism, power, privilege, and oppression in: a) Ways they organize and carry out evaluation, b) Kinds of questions they ask and outcomes they measure, c) Thinking about and using results, and d) At every step along the way.

Authors: Sally Leiderman

Subjects: race, evaluation, equity, caas, bridge leadership, boundary-crossing leadership

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Supporting the Next Generation of Intercultural Leaders: A Dialogue With Young Leaders PDF file [download] [more info]

This document summarizes a focus group of young people, ages 18 - 28 who came together to address questions of intercultural leadership. They spoke to life experiences that compelled them to reach out across their own cultures, the skills that enabled them to do this successfully, and lessons about how to cultivate these abilities in leaders.

Authors: Taj James

Subjects: pipeline, nextgen, leadership, intercultural, generational transfer, emerging, bridging, boundary-crossing leadership

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