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Neighborhood Watch: Neighbors Fearing Neighbors, The Effects of Fear And Gentrification

This morning as I was driving to work, listening to National Public Radio’s Forum, I was struck by the divisiveness that emerged while talking about gentrification and San Francisco Supervisors’ vote on a housing moratorium. The podcast is available on their website, but the conversation reminded me of a similar conversation my neighborhood had around the same topic.

The discussion in my street began because my neighborhood in Oakland is seeing the secondary effects of waves of new residents coming into the neighborhood. These new residents, typically after looking for housing in San Francisco where the prices are insurmountable, are flocking to Oakland to remain close to “The City.” Long-time Oakland residents have been feeling the pressure of this housing demand through increases in rent, housing prices, and for some residents of color, clear racial microaggressions (for other examples see here).

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Learning from Stories of Community Leadership and Change


A few months ago we asked you to share ideas about how to support communities who are  taking action and producing solutions to the problems they care about most.  Now we're sharing some of your ideas, as well as some of our own findings through a community leadership project for the Bush Foundation.  In this article we share key elements of community change and important capacities being cultivated by community leadership programs.


Elements of Community Change

Neighborhoods and communities all across the country are struggling economically; many communities do not have jobs, access to healthy foods, healthy places to live, clean air, parks, quality education, or the social and financial capital that enable families and children to grow up educated, healthy, and secure.  And yet there are hundreds of ways in which groups of citizens are working together to improve their communities. They are organizing youth, creating community gardens, addressing racial tensions and conflict, and seeking more effective ways to use scarce resources. We are learning from these stories about the kinds of support that enliven community spirit, encourage dialogue and catalyze action.  The elements are drawn from a quick scan and aggregation of a number of different resources that have been produced around building community capacity.  These elements are organized into different categories but are present in much of the research and evaluation findings. read more »

Flipping the Script: White Privilege and Community Building [more info]

The goals of this monograph are to shine a bright light on these issues, to suggest new ways of thinking and acting, to share solutions where there are some, and to raise questions that challenge all of us doing this work. By doing so, we hope it will help those involved in improving communities to work in more equitable and thoughtful partnerships with community residents and other stakeholders, with special attention to issues of privilege, oppression, racism, and power as they play out in this work.

Authors: Sally Leiderman, Maggie Potapchuk

Subjects: evaluation, race, equity, guides-tools-reports, community building

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