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Join The Team: Become LLC's Co-Executive Director

Job Title: Co-Executive Director

Reports to: LLC Board of Directors

FSLA Status: Exempt

To read more about why we are transforming our leadership development, read our LLC Executive Director's thoughts here. 
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People of color strongly encouraged to apply.

About the Leadership Learning Community (LLC):

LLC is a fiscally sponsored program of Community Initiatives, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Leadership Learning Community is an 18-year- old national nonprofit organization transforming the way leadership development is understood, practiced and promoted, primarily within the nonprofit sector. We believe that the dominant leadership development model must be challenged in order to address the needs of all who lead and are invested in developing leadership!  By centering the experiences of folks most impacted by racism and inequity, we work towards transforming leadership development approaches and systems to reflect and create an equitable world by tapping into the potential of everyone seeking an opportunity to better society. We know that we need a meta-shift in how we understand and develop leadership if we are going to produces systems change. This means leading and learning together through equity-based, networked and collective leadership to innovate new interventions that challenge the dominant way of thinking about leadership development. We do this by making the case of more expansive understanding of leadership, by constantly exploring and working the edge of where practice can shift and by building the field. This in turn will create a just and equitable society.

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Join The Team: Become LLC's New Operations & Project Manager

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Operations & Project Manager


Leadership Learning Community

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Executive Director

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Full-Time Exempt


85% Virtual, 15% Oakland, California


Since 2000, The Leadership Learning Community has been a national nonprofit organization transforming the way leadership development work is conceived, conducted, and evaluated, primarily within the nonprofit sector. We believe that the dominant leadership development model must to be challenged in order to unleash and support the leadership of all people working toward social justice. We care about lifting up, learning from and promoting leadership that is equity based, collective in nature and networked. We currently have an exciting opportunity to join LLC’s staff.

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Rooted In Community & Appreciation: Saudades, Miriam

It is with a deep appreciation that I announce that I will be leaving LLC mid-May. I have an exciting new position at a local health startup that is offering me the opportunity to take my skills to the next level. The Leadership Learning Community has been my home for over five and a half years. I’ve been in the trenches through Creating Spaces, Learning Circles, webinars, publications, and consulting projects. I’ve been honored that you’ve come along as I’ve reflected on the world and this work each month in this newsletter. As I leave, though I will miss Deborah, Bella, our amazing consultants, and all of you, my heart remains full knowing that our time together knows no bounds and I hope that our interactions though big or small may ripple through time as our journeys continue.

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Welcoming LLC’s New Board Members



LLC is excited to introduce you to two new board members and to share our process of board development. There will be opportunities for you to plug into the process. First though, a big welcome to Uma Viswanathan and Linshuang Lu.

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Networks and Leadership Webinar Series: "Unpacking Goal-Directed Networks" with Angel Saz-Carranza


Join us for the third session of the Networks and Leadership Webinar Series on "Unpacking Goal-Directed Networks" with Angel Saz-Carrenza (Director of ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics)

Monday February 8, 2016

9:00-10:00 am Pacific | 12:00 - 1:00 pm Eastern

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Leadership & Large-Scale Change: How to Accelerate Learning and Deepen Impact External website [view] [more info]

This report was funded to answer the following questions using a series of interviews, research and findings from a meeting of 45 evaluators and program officers with leadership development expertise, hosted on October 2014 at the Annie E. Casey Foundation: What are the key elements of leadership development approaches that are contributing to measurable progress on significant social problems? What evaluation approaches are being used or developed to successfully measure and document the impact of leadership development that results in large-scale change? What opportunities exist to replicate, spread, adapt, or apply lessons from these models to increase the impact of leadership development programming and investments?

Authors: Sally Leiderman, Leadership Learning Community, Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt

Subjects: leadership learning community, large-scale change, deepen impact

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Follow Up on Promoting Equity in Healthcare Webinar: The Power of the Peer Network and Support

Note: This is a follow up article for the recent webinar on Promoting Equity in Healthcare: Evaluating the Impact of the Disparities Leadership Program, featuring Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH and Roderick K. King, MD, MPH of Massachusetts General Hospital


When the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital launched the Disparities Leadership Program (DLP) in 2007, our goal was to provide health care leaders across the country with the tools and skills needed to identify and address disparities, as well as the leadership skills required to transform their organizations. Building a program that provided technical assistance seemed like a natural fit as well, given the demand for this prior to the creation of the DLP. One thing we didn't fully appreciate when the program was conceived was the benefit of building and connecting a community of leaders who were all out in the "real world" committed to the same set of actions – addressing disparities and achieving health equity within their organization.

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A New Focus for LLC | Leadership Development Hiding in Plain Sight

Leadership Hiding in Plain Sight

This year, LLC will be focusing on the theme of  A New Leadership Development Mindset: Leadership Development Hiding in Plain Sight. In the linked article, Deborah explains and provides examples of the new lens with which we are looking at leadership development. Our intention is to identify, analyze and promote approaches that help to cultivate  leadership as a collective process. Many of these approaches are built into supporting groups as they do their work and don't necessarily conform to conventional ideas about leadership development occurs or is supported.  While we think traditional programs are important, they don’t tell the entire leadership story. What’s missing are approaches that don’t necessarily operate in a traditional leadership development space, but that support individuals who engage in joint work within a network. We'd like to also look at processes that build the capacity of individuals and groups in identifying common purpose and aligning their efforts to achieve greater impact. 


Read our statement on the Leadership Learning Community's updated mission to learn more on our belief that promoting leadership as a process that is more inclusive, networked and collective will have a greater impact in advancing equity


We have been scouting for exemplary organizations that demonstrate inclusive, networked and collective approaches. Check out these examples of the New Leadership Mindset at work:


The Energy Action Network (EAN)



Greater Grand Rapids Racial Equity Network



LINC Community Revitalization


We encourage you to connect with us via social media channels as we explore this focus:


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2013 Webinar: Promoting Equity in Healthcare: Evaluating the Impact of the Disparities Leadership Program | Tues. July 23, 2013

Presenters: Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH and Roderick K. King, MD, MPH of Massachusetts General Hospital

Topic: Promoting Equity in Healthcare: Evaluating the Impact of the Disparities Leadership Program 

Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 | 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM PDT


The Disparities Leadership Program (DLP) is a one year executive leadership program designed to equip a cadre of leaders in healthcare with in-depth knowledge in the field of disparities, cutting-edge quality improvement strategies for identifying and addressing disparities, and leadership skills to facilitate the organizational transformation necessary to advance health care equity. With support from The Aetna Foundation, The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) conducted an external evaluation of the DLP and the program's impact on participating organizations’ efforts to address health inequities. In this webinar, Dr. Joseph Betancourt, Director of the Disparities Solutions Center, Dr. Roderick King, Senior Faculty at the Disparities Solutions Center, and Dr. Claire Reinelt, founding member and former Research and Evaluation Director of LLC, will provide an overview of the DLP, present the findings of the evaluation and discuss lessons learned for the development and implementation of successful executive leadership programs focused on organizational transformation.

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An Excited Welcome to Eleanor and Tiffany -- Two New Members of Our Team

If you call into Leadership Learning Community this month, you may very well hear two new voices on the line. We're excited to welcome our new staff members: Eleanor and Tiffany. Both of them are working part-time to manage the office, as fits their schedule over the next few months.

Eleanor will be joining us in the mornings. She will be in charge of much of our office management and work with contracts in communication with our fiscal partner Tides. Luckily for us, she is a morning person and will keep things running smoothly while the rest of us are undercaffeinated. She has already been a "part" of our office for quite some time, as she works for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth in the afternoon, the awesome organization that shares our open office space.


When asked about working for LLC, Eleanor said, "I have long admired the LLC team from my desk next door- and now I am overjoyed to be a part of it. Each morning I look up at the LLC Mission and Values and think 'Hey- Right On!' This is definitely a community I am proud to support." read more »

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