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Confluence 2017: Valuing Humanity

Earlier this month, I was honored to join the Management Assistance Group’s Confluence: A Sharing Of Learning, Questions, & Dreams in Chicago, in Illinois. The Confluence centered around creating and exploring deep equity. We explored how to create Leaderful Ecosystems with the premise that this cannot happen without: 1. Engaging/Cultivating the the Broader Spectrum of Leadership; 2. Advancing and Intentionally Embodying Equity; 3. Flexing Across The Leadership Spectrum by Influencing Complex Systems Change; 4. Valuing Multiple Ways of Knowing; and 5. Creating the Space for Inner Work.

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Following Up On Transforming White Privilege: A 21st Century Leadership Capacity

We were heartened by the response to the “Transforming White Privilege: A 21st Century Leadership Capacity” webinar with over 540 registrants.  This is even more significant after a year of divisive elections in which fear or anger was expressed and generated towards whole groups of people based on religion, race, sexual orientation and gender. There can be little doubt that we are profoundly in need of leaders who can bridge these divides with an understanding of why and how opportunities have been historically distributed in this country in ways that have unfairly disadvantaged people of color and low income white people. Leadership programs have a historic opportunity to help leaders build their confidence and capacity to see, name and address the underlying white privilege and its consequences, opening up a different kind of society based on belonging, fairness, and equity.

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Collective Collaboration: Living Our Values Regardless

The past couple of weeks have been very hectic at LLC. For one, we have our core role as a small non-profit working to create a leadership community/network. Within that, we are planning Creating Space X; and as with any major conference, it demands so much of our time, energy, and brain power. In addition, this week the team has other deadlines to meet for other projects. All in all, the perfect storm.

But instead of pulling our hair out (which we have all been very tempted to do), we have been working better with each other. Here at LLC, “ We demonstrate our values of transparency, collaboration, and diversity in everything we do and create an environment that bridges differences and fosters trust.”

Transparency+Collaboration+Diversity = Bridged differences+Trust

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Weekly News Alert: Reflections,Innovations and Social Networking


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  • The end of the year should be used as a time to reflect on both our lives and our work.  We should especially look at the meaning of our work and the values that support it.  A post by Fast Company suggests the concept of UBUNTU, used in South Africa, which translates to mean “a person is only a person through other persons.”  Our core values, then, are reflected through our relationships with other people, revealing our "human-ness."  The blog challenges people to examine and reflect on their work and values through this lens.
  • Interaction Institure for Social Change publishes a post about a new project Seth Godin has put together.  His project involved asking people “What Matters Now?” and putting the responses together in an e-book.  Each person took a single word and wrote a short piece about how that word related to their past and future work.  Examples of the inspiring words are "meaning," "enrichment" and "sleep."

Weekly News Alert: 9/10/09 - 9/17/09


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  • Seth Godin publishes a controversial post deriding non-profits for being resistant to change.  He argues that non-profits cannot use a lack of resources as an excuse because opportunities online are free or relatively inexpensive.  So, the only reason nonprofits do not embrace change, he says, is because they are not willing to give up “total control and bureaucracy.”  The Buzz Bin (among many others) publishes a post responding to Seth Godin, countering many of his points.
Tom Tresser - The Creativity Imperative PDF file [download] [more info]

This is my personal manifesto laying out the argument for creativity as a national value and as a trigger for civic engagement and a driver of public policy.

Authors: Tom Tresser

Subjects: innovation, creativity, public policy, national priority, values

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