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Max Niedzwiecki

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Name: Max Niedzwiecki
City: Washington
State: DC

Consulting Philosophy: Daylight Consulting Group draws on the methods and lessons of the social sciences - as well as decades of practical experience - to make nonprofit organizations and philanthropy more effective.

Dr. Hanh Cao Yu

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Name: Dr. Hanh Cao Yu
City: Oakland
State: CA

Services Provided

Regional Learning Circles:
SF Bay
Interest-oriented Learning Circles
Evaluation Learning Circle

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Consulting Philosophy: - Collaborative and Responsive - Respectful of Cultural Diversity and Community Voices - Rigorous Standards of Quality

Tom Tresser

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Name: Tom Tresser
City: Chicago

Consulting Philosophy: I'm a consultant, producer, educator and trainer who can help individuals, companies and communities leverage and amplify their creative assets in order to solve problems, create economic value and trigger civic engagement. My approach is listen, learn and lead. I've created over 100 programs in Chicago, raised over $1 million, recruited hundreds of volunteers and started or led 11 nonprofit enterprises.

Knowledge Pool Documents Submitted:

TitleDate SubmittedSubject/Tags
Tom Tresser - The Creativity Imperative1/29/2008

Raquel Gutierrez

Contact Information

Name: Raquel Gutierrez
City: Tempe
State: AZ

Consulting Philosophy: Raquel is a highly experienced nonprofit professional who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of nonprofit and philanthropic professionals to new levels of observation, thinking, and acting capacity for national foundations and community based nonprofits across the United States. She has strong ethnographic researching skills and results-based accountability background with the ability to effectively analyze and communicate a complete picture of interrelated investments in community issues by a variety of stakeholders. She also is a master facilitator of learning processes for large and small groups of professionals and committed community activists. Raquel is a bridge-builder with an impressive ability to synthesize and translate ideas and concerns across sectors, fields, and communities significantly affecting how groups with a common cause work together. She has an impressive track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in professional development coaching, program evaluation, design and implementation, network building, strategic planning, and project management that fosters commitment to human and organizational capacity of social change agents across the United States. Raquel lives in Tempe, AZ.

Elissa Perry

Contact Information

Name: Elissa Perry
City: Oakland
State: CA

Consulting Philosophy: More than a consultant, I am your learning partner to help you and your organization be your best. I don't profess to be "an expert" because I believe that it's when we think we know everything that we stop learning.

Knowledge Pool Documents Submitted:

TitleDate SubmittedSubject/Tags
Los Angeles Area Meeting Notes - Spring 20088/6/2008
Social Media and Leadership - Bay Area Gathering Notes5/28/2008
Summary of Results from a Leadership Development Cost-Benefit Analysis Survey4/22/2008
Leadership and Social Media, New Architectures of Change4/14/2008
A Learning Circle On Disability and Diversity: Serving Those Who Are Underserved3/4/2008
LLC Draft History Map3/4/2008
Joint Meeting of Three LLC Circles on Sustaining Leadership Networks2/5/2008
Strategic Communications - DC Circle Meeting Notes - October 20071/11/2008
Learning for Sustainability9/11/2007
Evaluation Techniques Series9/11/2007
Leadership Development and Multi-Cultural Evaluation9/11/2007
July 2007 Learning Circle Meeting9/6/2007
Changing of the Guard: What Generational Differences Tell Us About Social Change Organizations7/27/2007
Generational Changes and leadership: Implications for Social Change Organizations7/27/2007
Supporting the Next Generation of Intercultural Leaders: A Dialogue with Young Leaders7/27/2007
Nonprofit Executive Leadership and Transitions Survey 20047/27/2007
A Scan of Leadership Development Efforts in the Greater Washington Region7/27/2007
Facilitating Learning Conversations and Communities7/27/2007
Leadership Learning Community and Northern California Grantmakers Program on Leadership Development7/27/2007
Blueprint Research and Design7/18/2007
Leadership Outcomes Across Programs7/16/2007
Four Quadrant Tool for Continuous Evaluation and Assessement7/16/2007
Guide to Leadership Development Evaluation Resources7/16/2007
Leadership Development Theory of Change7/16/2007
Social Network Analysis for Leadership Learning Circles7/13/2007
Leadership Matters: An Evaluation of Six Family Planning and Reproductive Health Leadership Programs7/9/2007
One Story Many Voices: The Impact of Violence Prevention Programs7/9/2007
Next Generation Leadership Program Final Assessment Report7/9/2007
Flipping the Script: White Privilege and Community Building7/9/2007
Leadership Learning Community Evaluation7/9/2007
Leadership In Action Program Evaluation7/9/2007
EvaluLead - A Guide for Shaping and Evaluating Leadership Development Programs7/9/2007
Eisenhower Fellowships Final Evaluation Report7/9/2007
Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation6/29/2007
Leadership Development: Investing in Individuals6/28/2007
Theories of Change and Community Leadership Development6/27/2007
Synthesizing and Integrating Learning from Across Leadership Development Evaluations6/27/2007
Seeding an Evaluation Circle Learning Agenda6/27/2007
Exploring Personal Transformation in Leadership Development6/27/2007
Evaluating Outcomes and Impacts: A Scan of 55 Leadership Development Programs6/27/2007
Boston Learning Circle Notes on Youth Development6/18/2007
Commissioning MultiCultural Evaluation6/18/2007
Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity - web site6/5/2007
Leadership for Policy Change6/5/2007
Supporting the Next Generation of Intercultural Leaders: A Dialogue With Young Leaders6/5/2007
Developing Bridging Skills Design Elements6/5/2007
Cultivating Bridge Leadership6/5/2007
A Dialogue with Bridge Leaders6/5/2007
Changing the Face of America5/30/2007
Cross Alumni Learning Summary5/22/2007
Cross Alumni Collaboration Executive Summary5/22/2007
Cross Program Alumni Gathering5/22/2007
What we are Learning About Creating Sustainable Fellowship Networks5/22/2007
Summary of Five Programs Discussing Their Alumni Development Practices5/22/2007
Program Alumni Discussion Ideas5/22/2007
Multiple Styles of Leadership: Increasing the Participation of People of Color in the Leadership of the Nonprofit Sector5/15/2007
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