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Emerging Leaders and Social Impact

Leadership as a Process

We recently had the opportunity to present at the Funders Network on Population Reproductive Health & Rights meeting in San Diego, CA as part of the Global Youth Leadership and Engagement Work group session. We really valued the opportunity to present to that group because we recognized that there was a strong alignment between our work. At LLC, we are working to promote a metashift in the way that we think about leadership (more inclusive, networked, and collective) to make greater impact on complex challenges. We believe that this change will help support how emerging leaders and innovators are realizing their potential, and creating openness for their work and contributions. During the presentation, we talked about what leadership as a process looks like, and how emerging leaders are working to advance social impact: focusing on collaboration, establishing partnerships, taking risks, and challenging traditional hierarchical structures. We also discussed how leadership development can support emerging leaders in the work, by providing skills, connections and visibility. 

In the next couple of months, we will continue to explore this topic and host a webinar to share these ideas with our community. read more »

Management ≠ Leadership

Eleanor, Marla, and Miriam at CompassPoint’s “Take Control of Your Leadership Development: Frameworks for Emerging and New Leaders” Workshop

As part of our own leadership growth, Eleanor and I from the LLC team, were able to participate in CompassPoint’s workshop “Take Control of Your Leadership Development: Frameworks for Emerging and New Leaders.” Our facilitator, Marla Cornelius, shared many resources with us to help frame the conversation for the leadership workshop. With Marla’s permission, we are sharing some of these resources with you in this blog post.


At the workshop, Marla shared a timeline demonstrating some common Leadership Theories and dates of when they were prominent. Since leadership is a social construct, it is difficult to define leadership when there are many interpretations of what leadership is and how it shows up. You will note that many of the assumptions that show up on the timeline are still prominent today.

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LLC MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Rahsaan Harris of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

I met Rahsaan Harris, the Executive Director of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, at the Independent Sector meeting in San Francisco last April.  I knew instantly that Rahsaan was a kindred spirit as we joined a round table conversation about the IS initiative on Leadership Talent in the sector.  I was excited by conversations with Rahsaan and his colleague Kate Seely about network leadership and the contributions of next generation leadership.  After the meeting I had additional conversations with Rahsaan and Kate about how to be intentional about our partnership and collaboration.  Rahsaan walks the talk when it comes to acting on what we all know are good ideas but sometimes get to bogged down to follow up on.  I was very enthusiastic when Rahsaan asked me to share some of LLC's thinking about collective leadership at their national meeting and we are equally excited that he will be attending our national meeting, Creating Space.  We are happy to be spotlighting Rahsaan’s authentic partnership spirit which we know is a precursor of great things to come.  

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Changing of the Guard: What Generational Differences Tell Us About Social Change Organizations PDF file [download] [more info]

Both executive directors and staff frequently allude to generation-gap problems at social change nonprofits — those organizations that are trying to change "the system" rather than simply work within it. Not surprisingly, their accounts differ along generational lines.

Authors: Frances Kunreuther

Subjects: next generation, emerging leaders, generational transfer, organizational development, transitions

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Generational Changes and leadership: Implications for Social Change Organizations PDF file [download] [more info]

Generational changes and leadership is a study of social change organizations that examined differences between the Baby Boom generation and those who identify more with Generation X/Y with a special emphasis on young leadership. In person interviews were conducted with thirty-eight directors and staff working in sixteen nonprofits located in the northeast. Participants included older and younger directors and primarily younger staff.

Authors: Frances Kunreuther

Subjects: next generation, emerging leaders, generational transfer, transitions

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Multiple Styles of Leadership: Increasing the Participation of People of Color in the Leadership of the Nonprofit Sector PDF file [download] [more info]

The Leadership Learning Community has partnered with the Annie E. Casey Foundation on a research project to draw on the combined experience of more than 100 leadership programs with regard to strategies for increasing the access to and sustainability of leadership positions for people of color in the sector. The first phase of the project focused on the "pipeline," was titled "Lessons from the Field of Leadership Development: How to Increase Leadership Opportunities for People of Color" and was led by Deborah Meehan. The second phase of the project was titled "Multiple Styles of Leadership: Increasing the Participation of People of Color in the Leadership of the Nonprofit Sector" and was led by Elissa Perry. Download the notes from one of the focus groups and reports from both phases of the work below.

Authors: Kate Oppenheimer, Jamie Schenker, Elissa Perry, Deborah Meehan

Subjects: bay area, race, pipeline, next generation, leadership styles, generational transfer, emerging leaders, culture

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