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Leadership & Large-Scale Change: How to Accelerate Learning and Deepen Impact External website [view] [more info]

This report was funded to answer the following questions using a series of interviews, research and findings from a meeting of 45 evaluators and program officers with leadership development expertise, hosted on October 2014 at the Annie E. Casey Foundation: What are the key elements of leadership development approaches that are contributing to measurable progress on significant social problems? What evaluation approaches are being used or developed to successfully measure and document the impact of leadership development that results in large-scale change? What opportunities exist to replicate, spread, adapt, or apply lessons from these models to increase the impact of leadership development programming and investments?

Authors: Sally Leiderman, Leadership Learning Community, Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt

Subjects: leadership learning community, large-scale change, deepen impact

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Leadership Development Investment Framework External website [view] [more info]

The Leadership Development Investment Framework is a tool developed to assist funders, program staff, and evaluators clarify the purposes of leadership development and capacity-building supports. In 2008, we partnered with United Way Toronto to adapt the original Leadership Development Investment Framework that was produced by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations in 2005. The tool was useful in assisting the United Way and other leadership funders in Canada to become more intentional about where they are currently investing resources, where there are gaps in investment, and how they might work together to maximize the impact of their resources. Grady McGonagill adapted the framework further by adding the dimension of teams and team building capacity as part of a study for the Bertelsmann Foundation. Claire Reinelt and LLC Board Member and Leadership Consultant Grady McGonagill have continued to refine the framework and explore ways that funders can use this tool to better align their leadership investments internally and externally with others. At a recent Funders' Circle meeting designed for funders to learn more about each other's work and find synergies across strategies, issues and geographic areas, the attached summary of the framework was shared. This summary describes changes that occur at five levels: individual, team, organizational, community, and field. Since most foundations seek to develop a range of leadership capacities across multiple levels, choosing the right approaches and combining the right strategies is a process of experimentation and learning. To make the framework more useful, we have added examples of different programs and how they invest in leadership development. This framework provides a comprehensive view of 25 potential leadership development opportunities organized in a 5 x 5 matrix. The matrix enables stakeholders to identify patterns in their current investment strategies; engage in deeper dialogue about the purposes for investing in leadership; and become more intentional about the directions in which they want to invest moving forward. Through sharing strategies and lessons learned among funders, successful approaches can be adapted and tried in different contexts. Please refer to the document for additional information on the framework.

Authors: Claire Reinelt, Grady McGonagill

Subjects: leadership, evaluation

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A Guide for Strengthening the Collective Impact of Your Leadership Development Work External website [view] [more info]

As part of the Leadership for a New Era (LNE) initiative – a collaborative research initiative that seeks to promote more inclusive, networked and collective leadership models – the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) has generated a series of “how to” guides for leadership program staff. The guides are supported by funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The guides, which can be read separately or as an interconnected series, offer recommendations on these important topics: How to use action learning to achieve your results (by Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt) How to recruit to maximize the value of your cohort (by Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt) How to cultivate and activate your network (by Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt, June Holley, and Natalia Castañeda Chaux)

Authors: Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt, June Holley, Natalia Castaneda Chaux

Subjects: Collective Impact

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Safe Spaces: Strengthening the Networks of LGBTQ-youth

Client: The Safe Spaces Project
Author: Claire Reinelt
Subject: networks, LGBTQ, leadership
Type of Service: Scan
Date of Publication: 10/15/2012

Evaluation of the Disparities Leadership Program

Client: Massachusetts General Hospital
Author: Claire Reinelt
Subject: health care, evaluation
Type of Service: Evaluation
Date of Publication: 08/23/2012

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Michigan Scan

Client: W.K Kellogg Foundation
Author: Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt
Subject: scan
Type of Service: Scan
Date of Publication: 06/28/2012

Rockwood Leadership Institute Evaluation

Client: Rockwood Leadership Institute
Author: Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt
Subject: evaluation
Type of Service: Evaluation
Date of Publication: 04/16/2012

Consulting Project for Rainbow Research

Client: Rainbow Research
Author: Claire Reinelt
Subject: consulting, evaluation
Type of Service: Consulting
Date of Publication: 02/22/2012

Social Network Analysis Project for RWJF

Client: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Author: Natalia Castaneda, Claire Reinelt
Subject: sna
Type of Service: Social Network Analysis
Date of Publication: 02/22/2012

Consultation with CAPD for Social Network Analysis of Berrie Fellows

Client: Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD)
Author: Claire Reinelt
Subject: networks
Type of Service: Network Development
Date of Publication: 01/17/2012
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