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Register for Bay Area Star Power Simulation

We look forward to sharing and dissecting the process of this powerful tool with Leadership Development Practitioners in the Bay Area!

Bay Area Learning Circle: Star Power

July 13, 2017 | 12pm-5pm

Oakland, California
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Bay Area Learning Circle: Leadership & Race | Thursday, August 15, 2013



Bay Area Learning Circle: Leadership & Race read more »

Thursday, August 15, 2013 | 11:30am – 1:00pm Pacific
Location:Leadership Learning Community Office
1203 Preservation Park Way, Suite 200

Oakland, CA 94612
Details:Brown Bag Lunch
*Guests are invited to bring their lunch to this meeting

Register for the Boston Learning Circle: An Art of Hosting Taster



Boston Learning Circle: An Art of Hosting Taster read more »

Date:Thursday, September 19, 2013 | 9:00am - 12:00pm EST 
Location:The Nonprofit Center
89 South Street Boston, MA 02111
*Light breakfast and coffee will be provided.  

Register for the Leadership Learning Community Bay Area and Boston Meetings on Leadership and Collective Impact

To celebrate the publication of the how-to series on leadership and collective impact (, we are convening Bay Area and Boston funders, practitioners and evaluators to focus learning on how to invest in, design, implement and assess leadership development processes that build relationships, catalyze networks, and benefit communities.


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Key Learnings from Open Conversations on Leadership, Networks and Race


Over the last couple of weeks we have been hosting a series of meetings – both face-to-face and online – to engage leadership programs, funders and researchers with the Leadership for a New Era work, a collaborative research initiative focused on promoting a leadership model that is more inclusive, networked and collective. As we collectively discussed ideas and questions around Leadership and Race and Leadership and Networks with over 50 participants, a couple of trends and areas of interest came up. Here are some of the more interesting ideas we discussed: read more »

Insights from a Conversation on Leadership and Networks


At a recent Bay Area Learning Circle facilitated by Claire Reinelt, LLC’s Evaluation and Research Director, we convened a group of local LLC members to discuss some of the challenges and successes they have seen in their areas of work, in relationship to collective and networked leadership.  As I listened closely to the participants, I was struck by the various struggles they face, particularly around defining and articulating ‘successes’, and evaluating the impact of their efforts – not only to respond to funders’ demands but also to internal demands. read more »

Los Angeles Area Meeting Notes - Spring 2008 Microsoft Word file [download] [more info]

“Expanding Pathways to Leadership and Civic Engagement” On the afternoon of April 25, 2008 Success A New Beginning, Inc. (SANBI) created a space and opportunity to regenerate the conversation about expanding pathways to leadership and civic engagement and establishing a Leadership Learning Circle in Los Angeles. These are the notes from that gathering.

Authors: Jah'Shams Abdul-Mumin

Subjects: losangeles, learning circle, community leadership

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Social Media and Leadership - Bay Area Gathering Notes PDF file [download] [more info]

The Social Media and Leadership Learning Circle had an initial meeting on May 16, 2008 in the Bay Area. The conversation was broad and began to develop a common understanding of what we mean by social media. The gathering also created a foundation for going deeper on the questions of social media and it's relationship to social change and social justice leadership. Brief notes that include some of the questions we will be pursuing are available here.

Authors: Elissa Perry

Subjects: bay area, social media, learning circle, leadership

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A Learning Circle On Disability and Diversity: Serving Those Who Are Underserved PDF file [download] [more info]

Twenty-five people attended a day-long learning circle on Disability and Diversity: Serving Those Who Are Underserved organized by the staff of the California Foundation of Independent Living Centers and facilitated by staff of the Leadership Learning Community. The purpose of the meeting was to engage providers, consumers, advocates, and disability professionals in a day-long inquiry to deepen understanding about why some people with disabilities are under-served and what can be done to improve utilization of services by all people with disabilities.

Authors: Claire Reinelt

Subjects: learning circle, diversity, disability, cfilc

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LLC: Looking Forward, Looking Back - So Where Are We Now?

Quite truthfully, we are struggling with an important tension. We have learned a lot in our 7 years of experience looking deeply into a number of programs and looking broadly across the leadership development field. What we have not yet done is synthesize the learning into a more definitive analysis of where we think the leadership development field needs to be heading and the implications for leadership development. We frequently get calls from folks asking for more direction, e.g. “What are the most important innovations we see?” The tension for us is one of how to put out a point of view based on what we are learning in a way the continues to invite learning and contributions from individuals and programs that have a different idea. We have very intentionally attempted to cultivate an environment in which there was a comfortable, safe and free marketplace of ideas. We still value a rigorous exchange that encourages all ideas and provides stronger leadership to the field. The costs of operating from old paradigms demand a shift in our thinking at a field level and we feel called to help. This is the juncture between learning and leadership and the “so what” of our learning. We want to provide leadership to the leadership field in a way that generates even deeper learning. We hope to engage you in the synthesis project and look forward to your input and involvement. read more »

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