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Facilitating Learning Conversations and Communities PDF file [download] [more info]

The purpose of a learning circle, conversation, or community is to support the movement from individual intelligence to collective wisdom through reflective dialogue about subjects that attract and have meaning for participants. The framework for creating a learning circle includes five areas of attention. They include belief systems, creating an environment, processes, structures, and actions or outcomes that support the development and evolution of a learning conversation.

Authors: Dr. Kathleen E. Allen

Subjects: learning community, learning circle, facilitation

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Accelerating Learning about Leadership Development: A Learning Community Approach PDF file [download] [more info]

In this chapter we discuss our personal experiences with the creation of a leadership development evaluation learning community. We describe the use of collective learning methodologies and share stories about how our work individually and collectively has benefitted.

Authors: Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt

Subjects: evaluation, leadership development, learning community, guides-tools-reports

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