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Author: Paul Foster

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Evaluating Outcomes and Impacts: A Scan of 55 Leadership Development Programs PDF file [download] [more info]

The Kellogg Foundation asked the Development Guild/DDI to undertake this scan with the hope that it would shine some light on how various leadership development programs are evaluating their impact. We hope you will find the scan informative whether you run or fund a leadership development program, are a participant in this kind of training or just have a general interest in the topic. From the scan, Development Guild/DDI identified several topics for future research and action. We offer them here to encourage others to think about how the leadership development field can work collaboratively to improve its ability to learn about program impact and share that learning with others. Download the scan below.

Authors: Claire Reinelt, Siobhan Sullivan, Paul Foster

Subjects: evaluation, cross program, wkkellogg foundation

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Engaging New Leadership Voices PDF file [download] [more info]

Leaders make change. The kind of change that leaders make depends on who is at the table when priorities are set and decisions are made that have an impact on the social and economic well-being of individuals and communities. Too often decisions are made that have a profound impact on people’s lives without including them in the decision-making process. The Kellogg Foundation is committed to changing this outcome by investing in the development of new leaders. The Kellogg Foundation’s Leadership Cross-Cutting Theme Steering Committee partnered with Development Guild/DDI, a consulting firm in Brookline, Massachusetts, to design a research project to learn how foundation initiatives and grantees are supporting the emergence of new leadership that is capable of leading change that will have a positive impact on communities. The choice to focus this project on emerging new leadership voices came about as a result of several observations. Download the full report below.

Authors: Siobhan Sullivan, Paul Foster, Claire Reinelt

Subjects: evaluation, cross program

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