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Author: Manuel Gutierrez

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Next Generation Leadership Program Final Assessment Report PDF file [download] [more info]

This assessment of NGL was produced to share the experiences of those who designed, managed and participated in its development with funders, practitioners and academics involved in the leadership development field. The lessons and findings from NGL, though still in an incipient phase, confirm the Rockefeller Foundation’s foresight in creating and incubating such a leadership network. This report is a tribute to the work of the NGL fellows and all the staff who carried out the vision of the program. The NGL network has proven an effective means of accomplishing social change.

Authors: Manuel Gutierrez

Subjects: evaluation, guides-tools-reports

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Eisenhower Fellowships Final Evaluation Report PDF file [download] [more info]

In February 2004, EF hired the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning (OMG) to conduct an evaluation of their programs. OMG’s evaluation focused on discerning impacts that the program has had on fellows, and on their institutions and societies as well. It also looked at the activities of the EF staff in facilitating the program.

Authors: Manuel Gutierrez, Tania Tasse

Subjects: evaluation, guides-tools-reports

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