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The California Endowment has funded seven grantees to develop and support boundary-crossing health leaders who have the capacity to work collaboratively on community health solutions. The grantees and their programs include:

  • Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations run by Asian Pacific American Legal Center
  • California Fund for Youth Organizing
  • Health Policy Leadership Program run by Central Valley Health Policy Institute
  • LeaderSpring
  • Health Leadership Program run by Coro Southern California
  • Partnership for Immigrants in Leadership and Action
  • Senior Action Network and California Alliance for Retired Americans

TCE believes that by establishing a learning community among its staff and the staff of these leadership programs and engaging in a cross-program evaluation, it is possible to strengthen the boundary-crossing capacity of health leadership.

The Leadership Learning Community is facilitating the boundary-crossing leadership evaluation project. The project will be conducted in two phases. Phase I establishes a learning community, identifies shared assumptions, common approaches and divergent strategies among the different programs, and creates a collaborative learning agenda and process for Phase II. Phase II implements a data collection process supported by participants and engages the learning community in an analysis of findings about the impact of current strategies and how to strengthen boundary-crossing leadership outcomes.

For more information contact Claire Reinelt, Steward of Emergent Wisdom.