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Our Mission

Leadership is the lever needed to spark transformative change across our communities

Our Mission

We strive to advance a more just and equitable society by transforming the way leadership development work is understood, practiced and promoted.. We believe that promoting leadership as a process that is more inclusive, networked and collective, will have a greater impact in advancing equity.

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Our Values

We care about lifting up, learning from and promoting leadership that is equity based, collective in nature and networked. We deeply value the rich tradition of folks coming together, often led by people of color, and activating their own agency to take action against injustice.

We are committed to nurturing a culture of inclusion, abundance and generosity that centers the innovation of radically inclusive leadership, while supporting the vital work of social justice and racial equity agents striving to make a lasting impact on the world.

Our Vision

We believe that we will have greater equity and justice when:

  • The dominant understanding of leadership is challenged and recognized as a way to affect transformative change.
  • When leadership power structures are broken down so that the innovative guidance of folks of color, people of various abilities, queer and trans folks, women and other marginalized communities may be centered and valued.
  • When the experiences of folks impacted by systemic racism and prejudice are prioritized and addressed.
  • And when people tap into the power of their networks to create sustainable systemic solutions that transform communities and inform the way we approach collective leadership development.