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Virtual Strategies for Supporting COVID-19 Leadership



A Virtual Leadership Development Resource:


As everyone is scrambling to adapt to a rapidly changing COVID environment many leadership programs are asking how to move their work online. A week ago in partnership with LLC friend Marian Urquilla who asked us this question, we hosted a virtual session to tap your experiences, wisdom and creativity in charting new territory for leadership development work. Close to 140 people attended the session, deeping questions and offering recommendations that have been synthesized in this google doc so that anyone can continue to contribute ideas and recommendations. Thanks to those of you who contributed already and to those who will share ideas and resources.

A Lingering Question:


An insight that the LLC team took from the call was that the challenge is not just one of moving current work online, it’s a question of what our current work should be in response to COVID 19. The questions we are asking about what has to change in the way we work is not just a technical question. What is this moment teaching us about the kind of leadership that can respond to the needs of our communities, especially those who are most vulnerable while working to disrupt the systems that create and perpetuate inequity. We would like to host a second working session on this question. If you are interested in this workgroup please email Kyle Shimamoto.