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LLC’s Co-ED Search: Brief Reflections on LLC’s Abundant Network

The Leadership Learning Community’s search for a new Co-Executive Director continues. So far, we have reviewed all submitted applications and conducted initial interviews. As our group debriefed after the interviews to determine who we would advance in the process, I was internally chastising myself for being indecisive, as I really liked so many of the people I had the opportunity to meet. I felt like the proverbial kid in a candy store: “I want one of those, ooh ohh and one of those, and look, Gimme two of them!” Upon later reflection, I realized that my reaction wasn’t the result of indecision but rather a recognition of the skill, passion, kindness and capacity abundant in LLC’s network. Does this mean we can hire each of the amazing candidates as Co-ED’s right now, no. However, it also doesn't mean that LLC can’t remain in relationship with these folks. 

In practice, this means that the LLC team will be in conversation with the people who are not hired as Co-ED at this time, we’ll be exploring other ways to partner, collaborate and be mutually supportive. We learned from, and have been enriched by every interaction and hope that the candidates can say the same. We look forward to staying in authentic relationship with the applicants for the long haul, staying attuned to future opportunities to connect them with us as staff, network consultant, or some other kind of co-conspirator. This has been LLC’s practice for quite awhile and I am excited to participate. 

Through this process LLC is learning how to align our practices with our values, the process and some candidates have kindly pushed us in this area. As we go through this experience, we’ll continue to share our learning with the LLC community.