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Leadership Learning Community + networkweaver

We are happy to announce that the networkweaver site will soon become a project of the Leadership Learning Community.  The networkweaver site has been an invaluable resource for beginners wanting to learn about networks and experienced network weavers eager to deepen their skills or connect with others.  Networkweaver has also been at the forefront of supporting BIPOC and innovative network voices.

Next year networkweaver's creator, June Holley, will be focusing full time on writing a book on transformative networks and has asked Leadership Learning Community to become a new home for this richly curated resource and to continue the work of facilitating connections among network weavers who share a passions for social and racial justice.  This new partnership offers LLC the exciting opportunity to share the site's resources with the broader LLC community, and to deepen relationships between the leadership and network ecosystems, as well as creating new opportunities for LLC to reach out more broadly in our work centering racial equity and liberation.

We are asking you to help support this transition so that you and your networks can continue to access the wonderful resources of the networkweaver site!

If you have interest in or have benefited from the information and resources on the site, now is the time to donate to help this site continue.

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