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LLC's Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

Submitted by: LLC Staff on Apr 1st, 2021 at 3PM PDT

The Leadership Learning Community is saddened and outraged about the heinous and frightening attacks on Asian Americans which have exploded over the course of the last year.  The recent murders in the Atlanta area that killed 8 people, 6 of them Asian women, are only the latest in a year of heightened Anti-Asian actions and rhetoric and are part of a larger and far older history of anti-Asian sentiment and policy in the United States derived from a long history of racism, racialized misogyny, and white supremacy. 

LLC’s board and staff stand with Asian American communities, some of us as members of the Asian Americans and for others as an act of solidarity with our family, friends and allies who are members of the Asian American community. For all of us at LLC, the attacks on Asian Americans are painful attacks on our people.   

The Anti-Asian violence we are seeing demonstrates why leadership matters.  Leadership which traffics in the base of othering and scapegoating, endangers our communities, whereas leadership exercised in a way that reflects racial justice values keeps our communities safe. 

At LLC we are committed to supporting the supporters, those who are mobilizing and working hard to support Asian American communities.  We want to hold space for people who are both dealing with attacks and responses to these attacks.  We invite you to join us for two gatherings: a Community Gathering on Anti-Asian Violence on April 8th at 1pmPT/4pm ET; this will be a space for reflection, strategy and comfort, and the LLC monthly BIPOC Affinity Group, a space for BIPOC leaders to connect and offer peer support, held every 4th Tuesday at 12pmPT/3pm ET.

We also encourage you to join us in standing in solidarity with Asian American communities, for thoughts on how to do so, see the resources below. If you have others please share:


Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta and their Donation Page

Asian American Advocacy Fund and their Donation Page

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum and their Donation Page

Anti-Asian Violence Resources 

Stop AAPI Hate and their Donation Page

Movement Hub and their Make Change Page