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Consulting Services

Our Approach

Customized Plans:

Our deep experience in the field allows us to combine our insights with your needs to develop highly personalized plans

Top Consulting Teams:

Our top consulting teams bring experience from a variety of sectors and collaborate to deliver superior services

Optimal Performance:

We apply our previous research and expertise to jump-start our work and avoid unnecessary steps and cost

Broad Reach:

We promote your research through our engaged and targeted network of hundreds of funders, practicioners, and consultants

Our Services

Comprehensive Scans and Program Design

Our leadership scans feature a thorough exploration of a particular issue or question, along with insightful analysis and practical recommendations. We combine in-depth research with qualitative data to capture the real essence of your research focus, and uncover innovative practices and opportunities in your area of work. For example, we have completed many scans for funders who want to understand the current landscape and context to leverage their leadership investments. We have done scans on innovations in leadership practice, lessons on how to center equity in leadership investments, how to incorporate a network lens, in addition to scans of leadership programs in a specific region or issue like health. 

Evaluation and Learning Capacity

LLC works with clients to identify the key questions the client is hoping to answer and design utilizes a participatory approach to evaluation that actively engages the subjects of the evaluation

Network Building

We help you assess your network, weave strategic connections, and nurture self-organizing initiative to activate peer learning and collaborative actions