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What are the desired outcomes of the program?
To give teens the skills and confidence to pursue their vision.
Does the program serve a specific population
Does the program have a “theory of change” or a “program logic model?
I am willing to be contacted by other registrants about my program
If so, whom?
Rosemary Anderson
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While certain program elements may vary by site, each C5 location provides multiple Signature Experiences and Pathways Events designed to take youth through a logical progression of meaningful growth opportunities. Signature Experiences take place during the summer and include: * Camp Leadership U - one or more sessions of a multi-week residential camp experience where youth learn the basics of leadership in an environment designed to get them out of their comfort zone and into their challenge zone. * C5 Bridges - a travel/adventure trip designed to challenge the teens to use their newly developed leadership skills in a new environment. * Coca-Cola Road to College - College tours and career exploration opportunities. * Medallion Experience - a curriculum-focused group experience to improve skills needed for college success: collaboration, investigation, decision-making, writing and presentation. C5 Pathways Events take place during the school year and include: * A minimum of three curriculum-focused events per year for each class. * Individual youth community service commitment * Student involvement in extracurricular activity in addition to C5 * On-going staff contact with teens to monitor academic progress and fulfillment of C5 requirements. * Personalized staff support of each student as the need arises. The C5 curriculum is a set of carefully sequenced learning experiences, each presenting specific content, that lead youth to achieve the C5 outcomes. The curriculum is woven throughout each day and activity of the Signature Experiences and is a conspicuous component of each Pathways Event. The curriculum focuses on five areas: * College and career preparation * Community action * Leadership development * Social awareness * Personal development