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What are the desired outcomes of the program?
To provide hight quality primary care to anyone who needs it.
Does the program serve a specific population
Does the program have a “theory of change” or a “program logic model?
I am willing to be contacted by other registrants about my program
If so, whom?
Under-insured/uninsured population needing health care. Urban and rural communities.
Phone #
(415) 561-6400

The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition. Through information sharing and major grants, CCI acts as catalyst to strengthen California's communinity clinics and health centers, to improve health outcomes in underserved communities. The clinics provide high quality care, low and no-cost care often in rural and inner cities. Also provides a lifeline for millions of under-insured or uninsured Californians through programs and grants in technology, capacity building and leadership. CCI insures that clinics remain vital partners in building healthier communities. Grantees encompass 90% of California's community clinics, making CCI a major player in the field. CCI - - Provide high quality primary care to anyone who needs it. - Acquire internal strength needed for long term staying power, even in toughest economic environment. - Serve as influential players in their communities. - Leave an indelible mark on the overral health of their communities. - Supports stronger clinics and healthier communities through:grants, knowledge dissemination and collaboration.