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What are the desired outcomes of the program?
To increase access to health care for uninsured, economically disadvantaged and underserved populations.
Does the program serve a specific population
Does the program have a “theory of change” or a “program logic model?
I am willing to be contacted by other registrants about my program
If so, whom?
Underserved communities.
Phone #
(323) 295-9372

CHC works to increase access for uninsured, economically disadvantaged and underserved populations. Its goals are: - Increased access to quality healthcare. - Preservation of health care safety net. - Health care policy developed with the participation of empowered and active communities. - Racial and ethnic parity in health and healthcare. - A system of universal healthcare coverage. It acheives its goals by mobilizing, organizing and empowering community and grassroots consumer groups that share its vision of healthy, informed and pro-active consumer population. Work is done through various projects like: - regional health councils - covering kids and families - Reach (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health)2010 Initiative - statewide coalition - ABC Project - Accessing Benefits for Children.