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For the Exploring Leadership program, eligible participants must be completing their sophomore or junior year of high school. Because Exploring Leadership is a full time, students who must attend summer school are not eligible. The program is offered in San Francisco and the East Bay. The other programs offered by Coro Northern California are open to diverse people of equally diverse experiences, goals and perspectives.
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Coro Northern California offers three leadership training programs and various contract programs: I. The Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs is a nine-month, full-time, graduate-level program that introduces twelve diverse individuals to all aspects of the public affairs arena. Fellows complete a series of internships and projects; they explore public affairs topics in-depth during special focus weeks; and they interview key community leaders in order to become better leaders themselves. II. Exploring Leadership is a summer program designed to engage rising 11th and 12th graders to participate in and improve their communities. Through a team-building wilderness experience, interviews with local leaders, and internships, Youth Fellows learn firsthand how to be active, responsible community members, and how to make a positive difference. III. The Community Fellows Program is a new Coro program that brings together adults of all ages from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. It is a part-time program (15 sessions over a four-month period) designed for adults who want to gain leadership tools and better their communities through firsthand action. Participants will identify and explore local issues, such as transportation, energy, housing, and civic engagement. There are two iterations of the program each year: the first iteration runs September – December and the second January - April. IV. Through its Contract Programs, Coro offers specialized services in the design and delivery of youth, adult and community leadership development programs. Services offered include program preparation and delivery, use of experiential learning in training, retreat design, and customized training. Coro is currently training the Institute for the Development of Emerging Area Leaders, with the Great Valley Center, and is collaborating with Team-Up For Youth on a Youth Sports Leadership Program.