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Films for Non-Profits is an association of award winning, professional filmmakers dedicated to making films for the non-profit community. We actively partner with leaders in the non-profit sector and those involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives to tell compelling, important stories and to bring the best of those stories into development for the theatrical and broadcast markets. Our aim is to help organizations get their stories seen, heard and remembered. We make films that raise public awareness, change minds, move audiences to action, and complement fundraising efforts and capital campaigns. Working within budgets suited to the non-profit sector, and taking full advantage of the latest technological advances in film and video production, we work closely with non-profit organizations through all phases of filmmaking, from development into production and post-production, to assure that we tell your story faithfully and that you are a full partner in the creative process. We celebrate corporate social responsibility, and actively look for opportunities to make films about responsible for-profit entities that are partnering with the non-profit sector. We also look for opportunities to bring compelling, dramatic, important stories from the non-profit sector into development for the broadcast and theatrical markets. We help leaders tell their stories.