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Boys and girls ages 6-17

The Fusion of Youth program's purpose is to provide a means for youth to express themselves artistically while gaining life skills at the same time.

The Fusion of Youth team is a well rounded performance group that showcases their talent in the following areas:

Cheerleading/Dance/Step - All participants cheer for a league during football season, participate in parades, and perform at talent showcases throughout the year. In addition, all youth participating in the cheer/dance/step program are encouraged to tryout for one, two, or all three, of Fusion's competitive teams.

Singing - Youth participants gain valuable experience and become better musicians by singing in performances. Those chosen for solos or choose to sing in talent showcases as soloists receive one on one vocal training to prepare.

Life Skills Workshops - All youth involved with Fusion participate in mandatory workshops that help build self esteem, communication skills, teach better decision making, increase confidence, teach youth how to work as a team and strengthen leadership skills. The workshops are not boring lectures, they are activities and games that provide experiential learning. As a result of putting the skills they are learning to immediate use, youth retain and are able to apply these skills in the real world as soon as they leave practice. This means they are able to make better decisions, communicate more effectively with parents, teachers, and peers, and much more.