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What are the desired outcomes of the program?
To foster a greater awareness and participation in responsible leadership in a global and democratic society.
Does the program serve a specific population
Does the program have a “theory of change” or a “program logic model?
I am willing to be contacted by other registrants about my program
If so, whom?
Latino youth
Phone #
(805) 642-6208

FLA addresses the pitfalls of low expectations, low academic achievement, and risky behavior involving sex, drugs, and gangs, through a tangible, structured, multi-year program for English and Spanish speaking youth and families. For the past twenty years, FLA has developed hundreds of volunteers, graduates of the initial leadership camp, who continue to implement their newfound skills and educate new groups of youth and parent participants. FLA teaches youth specific skills through a peer-to-peer mentorship model that helps them: increase academic achievement, engage in their communities, and reach out beyond their existing social group to participate in a broader range of leadership and service learning activities. Youth who complete our flagship Leadership Camp after 8th or 9th grade, continue their involvement in FLA by participating in FLA clubs in their high school, attending Staff Training for volunteers, joining the cadre of volunteer staff to run future camps for new youth and families, as well as coordinating events and workshops in schools, local government, and universities across the nation.