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10-12 year old boys.
Deb Siverson
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Michael's Gate is a leadership camp for ten to twelve year old boys. It is 6 days and 5 nights in the mountains of Colorado. Like traditional kids summer camps there are activities such as swimming, basketball, archery, music, art, and evening camp fires, and we include leadership development and exercises, team building and outdoor adventure (low ropes and zip line).

Our leadership program puts an emphasis on supporting young people in finding their passion and purpose, discovering they have a powerful voice in the world, and giving them a safe place to practice using it with each other.

We believe leadership is:

* Recognizing your unique gifts and talents.
* Choosing to use those gifts and talents with intention.
* Honoring and valuing what others have to offer.
* Believing that you matter, that you have an important place in the world, and that your voice counts.
* Self-Awareness, Choosing with Intention, Being Honorable, Accountable, Courageous, and Caring.