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Nominees for a Petra award should display a combination of activism and thought, force of character, independence of judgment and clarity of expression. The nominee’s activities should be devoted to the cause of racial equality, with special emphasis on Native Americans and people of color; to the autonomy of individuals, groups, families and communities; and/or to freedom of speech, expression and thought. The nominee should be someone who is not widely recognized outside their community, does not have a strong institutional base of support and who has demonstrated a capacity to grow, take risks, overcome obstacles and make a significant contribution by leading, teaching or otherwise helping others. Please note that nominations should be made by someone other than the nominee and without the knowledge of the nominee. Most Petra Fellows reside in the United States.
Phone #
(212) 665-6673

Each year, through a national search and nomination process, the foundation honors four fellows who are working to advance justice, strengthen communities and insure freedom of speech and expression. In addition to giving each fellow a modest financial award, the foundation welcomes them to an activist leadership network that crosses lines of age, race, class and issue to work together to build a more just society. The Petra leadership network builds frontline capacity by engaging newer and more experienced grassroots leaders in exchanges of successful strategies and shared obstacles. It harnesses the skills and street-smarts of its grantees to the expertise and contacts of those who work in media outreach, public education, legal redress and policy advocacy and fosters and supports network collaborations. The foundation seeks to amplify its fellows’ voices, publicize the problems they are working to solve and their innovative models for change and gain them access to the corridors of power.