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What are the desired outcomes of the program?
For youth to address community issues through the media.
Does the program serve a specific population
Does the program have a “theory of change” or a “program logic model?
I am willing to be contacted by other registrants about my program
If so, whom?
Youth in the Chicago area.
Manwah Lee
Phone #

Street-Level Youth Media is a community-based media arts organization that puts youth at the center of community life, where youth voice and youth culture are valued assets towards negotiating differences, building community and developing critical thinking and artistic skills. The agency’s staff members are both artists and youth mentors. They lead young artists through formal artistic training in the media arts, and spend an equal amount of time helping youth process what they see and hear in the world around them – whether it is on TV, on the Web, in their homes or on the streets. Using these tools, young artists address personal and community issues such as education, gentrification, violence, families, racism and history. And the
results always converge: young artists begin to trust their own voices and aesthetic choices. They gain leadership skills to strengthen their communities and work together towards economic viability.