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Sustainability is an all encompasing challenge, and we need leadership from all sectors, all levels, and all disciplines. The program Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability encourages diversity of backgrounds and experience. The only requisite is a deep personal commitment to serve as a change agent and to engage in the learning and collaborative process to facilitate the transition to more sustainable, living institutions.
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(415) 346-1547

The mission of Syntony Quest is to design new ways of working, learning and living that embody social and environmental integrity. Our leadership development program is focused on "Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability." We seek to develop the mindset, skillset and heartset to lead and collaborate in the creation of a sustainable future for all.

Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability is a program that combines systems thinking, personal mastery, and a commitment to action to enable leaders at all levels of organization and in all kinds of communities -- from corporations to neighborhoods. Meeting the enormous challenges of the twenty-first century demands a new paradigm of leadership — one that places a premium on creating human and environmental well-being. Evolutionary leadership involves new ways of perceiving, thinking, and acting that are deeply concerned with an integrated triple bottom line: economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Evolutionary leaders are multi-dimensional leaders who understand their crucial role in facilitating society's transformation toward economic, social and environmental sustainability — acting from within any of the three sectors, at all levels of organization, and fostering collaboration among them.