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Young adults (18-40)
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Young adults (18 through 40) of any race, creed, or color.
The United States Junior Chamber is a group dedicated to community improvement and personal betterment, and one of the fastest growing young people's organizations in the world. JayCees is a stimulus to community spirit, and will readily accept the challenge of a difficult community project. It is international in scope - there are chapters in over 100 countries and territories.

The Junior Chamber organization is a constructive action organization of young persons who devote a portion of their time to community service in the public interest, developing young persons as leaders of their community. Offered are activities in three development areas:

Individual Development
Programs designed to increase the personal skills of the individual member.
Community Development
Programs and projects run by the chapter for the direct benefit of the community.
Management Development
Management techniques and officer's training to improve the individual's management skills.