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The Woodhull Institute is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian educational organization that provides ethical leadership training and professional development for women. Ethical leadership is concerned with the means as well as the ends to personal and professional achievements. As such, Woodhull has developed a community that encourages women to lead with honesty, respect, courage and compassion; to strive for the common ground in decision- making; and to share in community service.
The Woodhull Institute trains women in the practical steps needed to implement their ideas and transform their ambitions for leadership into reality. There is often a gap between a woman's private aspirations and her accomplishments, the Institute's training is intended to bridge this gap by offering leadership training and providing access to colleagues and mentors who will counsel and encourage these women throughout their careers. Woodhull offers empowerment courses on financial literacy and basic business skills, public speaking, negotiation and advocacy, writing, ethics in the workplace, networking and acquiring mentoring relationships.