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Leadership and Networks: New Ways of Developing Leadership in a Highly Connected World

Submitted by: support on Nov 15th, 2012 at 11AM PST
The primary authors of this publication are Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt from the Leadership Learning Community. The report was developed in partnership with co-authors Beth Tener
New Directions Collaborative; Diana Scearce
David and Lucile Packard Foundation; Eugene Eric Kim
Groupaya; Gibrán Rivera
Interaction Institute for Social Change; June Holley
Network Weaver; Nance Goldstein
Principal at Working Wisely Group; Patti Anklam
Net Work; and Natalia Castañeda Chaux
Leadership Learning Community. Steve Waddell
Networking Action
and Grady McGonagill
McGonagill Consulting
also contributed to this report.
As part of the Leadership for a New Era (LNE) initiative, the Leadership Learning Community has partnered with thought leaders in the network development and leadership development fields to develop the cutting edge report Leadership and Networks: New Ways of Developing Leadership in a Highly Connected World. This publication is funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. This report is written for those who run and fund leadership programs that develop and support leadership for social change. It shares many examples of how leaders using network strategies are increasing the impact of social change work, such as the Barr Fellowship Network and Our goal is to inspire and help hundreds of leadership programs to question their assumptions about the traditional leadership models and retool their approaches in ways that will enable them to better prepare those in leadership with the mindset and skills they will need to more fully leverage network strategies. Specifically, the report addresses the following questions: Why do network strategies deserve our attention? Why do we need a new leadership mindset? What are the core principles of leading with a network mindset? What leadership development strategies support a network mindset and skills?