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LLC Webinar | Community-Led Narrative Work

May 13th, 2020 at 12:30 - 2pm EDT (12:30 - 2pm EDT)

Join LLC and Sida Ly-Xiong of Nexus Community Partners in an interactive webinar exploring how community-led narrative work, and storytelling, as well as, cooperative learning models can support grassroots leadership and help us create new possibilities in this current moment.

Sida will share with us an overview of the Nexus Community Leadership Learning Initiative which works to engage people looking to deepen their practices in building community leadership. The Community Leadership Learning Initiative is a chance to learn from one another, especially members who are representative of, and accountable to, communities of color and other under-represented groups. In this initiative, Nexus is looking to bring together people across sectors—including community members, funders, government officials,  social entrepreneurs, and more—who are invested in learning about and creating sustainable opportunities to build leadership in cultural communities.

The webinar will be interactive, we’ll have both large and small group conversations and will share learnings in a collective document. We’ll have tech support on hand to guide participants through each part of the process.


  • To check in and connect with other LLC network members
  • To explore narrative practices and approaches that build community leadership and help communities respond to challenges and crises like COVID-19