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LLC Webinar Series | Scaffolding for System Shifting Networks

Nov 4th, 2019 at 2 - 3:30pm EST (2 - 3:30pm EST)

Networks come in all shapes and sizes. However, if you want to be a system shifting network you will need to put in place scaffolding so that transformation can emerge easily and quickly. In nature, billions of soil organisms and mycorrhizal fungal mats work together to form this type of scaffolding to distribute resources and support the growth of plants and trees as they create a forest.  There are 6 basic structures that work together to create an environment for rapid change. Some, such as innovation funds, have been prototyped by many different networks. Others, such as communications systems and governance systems, are still in their infancy. Join June Holley and Yasmin Yonis from Network Weaver for a discussion about the necessary scaffolding for truly transformational networks.


June Holley


June Holley provides consulting, training and coaching to networks around the world who are interested in creating system shifting networks through a better understanding of self-organization, collaboration, innovation and learning. She has developed face-to-face and virtual training programs and communities of practice for network weavers, pioneering in the use of the social web to support network efforts. She has assisted in the design and development of numerous networks.

June is now shifting her energies to supporting the development of infrastructure needed so that network and self-organizing strategies can expand rapidly throughout the world. She is piloting new structures such as innovation funds, facilitation pools, and learning weavers.

In addition, she is working with others to organize an international network of consultants and leadership development organizations so that they can more effectively support network weavers around the world.

She is the author of the Network Weaver Handbook – 390 pages of simple activities for Network Weavers – and operates, a site with many free resources and a blog authored by over 20 network weavers. She also writes at


Yasmin Yonis

Yasmin Yonis is a facilitator, coach, network weaver, and editor who provides support to organizations and foundations to do their work in more just ways. She is also a movement chaplain working within justice organizations to care for activists and community members.


Yonis has a Master of Divinity in Social Ethics from Union Theological Seminary and bachelor degrees in journalism and international affairs with a background in networks, philanthropy, racial justice,and human rights organizations.