Generating ideas, connections, and action


September 29th-October 1st, 2015
Detroit, MI

Creating Space XII, LLC's national meeting, will be designed to learn from and with non-traditional leaders who are often overlooked in conversations and research about leadership and systems change. Join us as we challenge notions of how to achieve sustainable results while engaging in place-based work. CS XII will lift up examples of non-traditional leadership as we explore important questions:

  • What are the benefits of recognizing and supporting non-traditional leadership in place-based community change work?
  • Why are non traditional leaders reluctant to wear the title of ‘leader’?
  • What in traditional leadership development approaches is harmful or limits non-traditional leadership and what supports are non-traditional leaders finding helpful?
  • How are non-traditional leaders accessing pathways to exercise power within existing systems? What are the leadership values and practices that might perpetuate or disrupt oppressive systems?
  • What role does healing have in cities, communities and individuals as it relates to leadership development?
  • What are new tools and approaches for evaluating non-traditional leadership development?

​This will be a highly interactive meeting that will tap the knowledge of all participants, draw on the expertise of people and groups who can catalyze our learning about non-traditional leadership, and make the most of site visits to learn about on the ground change efforts in communities and the leadership making a difference.