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Liberatory Leadership

“Liberatory leadership theory and practice invite us to lead from a place of love, wholeness, and interdependence. By valuing celebration over competition, we are able to access possibilities that can only emerge in community”.

Liberatory Leadership Partnership 2022

We landscape and seed liberatory leadership practices by creating space for experimentation, incubation, practice, and play. This includes our work with the Liberatory Leadership Partnership and is intertwined with how we run programs and projects. It is a journey. It is work with a long arc. It requires many actors, organizations and networks. It represents an ambitious vision of thriving futures for communities, particularly those who have been historically excluded from leadership and power.

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Playground Spaces

At LLC, we believe that play, when grounded in collective purpose and steeped in values, can be a liberatory act. These are the activities and strategies we are currently playing with right now.

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The BIPOC Affinity Group is for people invested in leadership and leadership development who identify as Black, Indigenous or a person of color. This space is for BIPOC leaders, not about BIPOC leaders. It is a self-organized and emergent learning community and a practice of collective care. We convene this group on the last Tuesday of every month. Sign-up for our newsletter for reminders and registration links.


We create space to deepen learnings about Liberatory Leadership Development. The CoP will help us answer the question “What is liberatory leadership development?” Additionally, the CoP will 1. Develop Relationships & Build Community, 2. Compile a body of shareable and applicable tools and resources and 3. Generate knowledge for the field.

We will launch our inaugural cohort in 2023.

A pilot learning community for folx holding organizational operations in the social good sector. This is a space for participants to share knowledge, peer support, and to try things on together with a shared goal of doing just work in just ways.

Stay tuned for more information in early 2023

LLC regularly convenes executive directors and social good leadership in learning circles that encourage awareness, liberatory practices, collective learnings, and collaborative action. Please connect with us if you have an interest in learning more, creating a circle, or joining one.

2024 gathering of liberatory practitioners and leaders to practice and play for the purpose of sharing learning on how to operationalize liberatory visions as researchers, field-building consultants, and staff of organizations and foundations.

Leadership transitions are a time of challenge and opportunity for organizations. Transitions include recruiting incoming leaders, offboarding prior leadership (including interim EDs), onboarding new leadership and integrating board and staff. The process is often more robust than leaders, staff and board are aware of, and requires significant investment of resources and attention. When successful, there are cultural, equity, emotional, interpersonal, financial, operational and reputational opportunities to be enjoyed.

At Leadership Learning Community, we have been hosting learning communities to work through transitions. If you’re interested in our learnings or our offerings, please connect with us.

We work with philanthropy, intermediaries, affinity groups and movement leaders to explore and learn about Liberatory Leadership and Liberatory Practices.

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Liberatory Networks

We leverage the power of inclusive networks to advance equity and liberation. Our work seeks to shift the conversation around who can lead in networks, and how the network model can be a key component of the ecosystem of changemakers focused on equity and liberation.

We bring together network practitioners focused on liberatory leadership practices in social change networks. This group meets bi-monthly. Dates TBA.

A lightly facilitated, emergent community of BIPOC and grassroots network weavers. This is intended to be a treasured space where BIPOC folx can pause for reflection, and brainstorm collectively how their own practice can contribute to liberatory change work.

The NetworkWeaver website is a critical hub of well-curated resources for network strategies and a gathering place for consultants and practitioners focused on equitable network practices. Founded by June Holley, Leadership Learning Community took over responsibility for the resource and site in 2020.

Consulting and Partnership

We provide consulting services and are open to collaborative partnerships with values aligned organizations. Our services include facilitation of leadership circles, meeting facilitation, strategic planning, convenings, thought partnership, research, project management, and grantmaking.

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