Our Learning Framework

Making Space

Efforts in diversity, inclusion, and race equity are important for transforming the systems in place, and are not enough alone. Our social good sector is experiencing high rates of burnout, becoming a revolving door for people of color, and perpetuating physical, mental, spiritual and emotional duress. It’s time to hold more spaces grounded in liberation, rather than systemic oppression.
Leadership Learning makes space for convening, play and practice outside of the dominant culture structures and systems. This space (1) centers people of color and those historically excluded from leadership, (2) catalyzes doing just work in just ways, and (3) invites leaders of the social good sector to move towards collective liberation which seeks power, joy, and thriving for all people.

What We Do
  • Love & Joy
  • Healing & Inner Work
  • Collaboration & Interdependence
  • Learning & Experimentation
  • Abundance & Generosity
  • Liberation & Freedom

We believe our communities have unlimited potential to make change. Together, we have the knowledge, the assets, and the power to enable transformation.

We believe everyone leads/is a leader, and leadership is the site of transformative change making.

We believe that when we return to and are rooted in inner knowing of abundance, we realize that we have/are everything we need.

We believe that promoting rigorous alignment between values and practices makes space for liberation to flourish.

We believe that centering BIPOC/historically excluded communities leads to a thriving ecosystem for all.

Landscape & Seed

We create space for experimentation, practice & play.

Root & Germinate

We catalyze transformation through learning by doing and incubating innovations.

Cultivate & Irrigate

We support liberatory practitioners and their power building strategies.

Pollinate & Propagate

We shift and scale the narrative about leadership and amplify the voices of liberatory and historically excluded leaders.

Fallow & Compost

We rest and reflect to allow for our well-being. This is part of our practice of just work in just ways.

Companion Planting

We create space for collaborative learning and experimentation using networked strategies.


We strive to advance a more just and equitable society by transforming the way leadership development work is understood, practiced and promoted. We believe that promoting leadership as a process that is more inclusive, networked and collective, will have a greater impact in advancing equity.


LLC envisions a future rooted in strong movements with thriving leaders and community solidarity with abundance, power and joy for all people.


The Transformation We Seek:

  • Liberatory leadership is widely understood, practiced, funded, and followed in nonprofit and philanthropy.
  • Just work happens in just ways in the social good sector.

The Impact in the Social Good Ecosystem We Seek:

  • Movements are rooted in strength, connection and abundance.
  • Movement leaders feel a sense of ease in joy in their work.
  • Movement leaders feel connected to source and each other.
  • Movements are network, and emergent dissonance deepens connections and enables nimbleness and agility.