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What About Creativity?

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A Scan of Leadership Development Efforts in the Greater Washington Region PDF file [download] [more info]

The production of this scan is an outgrowth of meetings of Greater Washington region grantmakers to explore opportunities for working together to accelerate positive changes in the region. The funders group identified the need to build the leadership capacity in the region and collectively decided to commission a scan to better understand the leadership needs and the strengths and limitations of local leadership and capacity building efforts. They partnered with the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, an organization committed to building the strength, visibility, and influence of the nonprofit sector. The Roundtable invited the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) to conduct the scan.

Authors: Deborah Meehan, Leadership Learning Community, Claire Reinelt, Raquel Gutierrez

Subjects: leadership development, funders, washingtondc, scan, collaboration

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Leadership Learning Community and Northern California Grantmakers Program on Leadership Development PDF file [download] [more info]

On March 19, 2003, members of the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) and Northern California Grantmakers (NCG) came together to explore a mutual interest in leadership development. Participants were Foundation staff and trustees, staff of local leadership development programs, and a few independent professionals working in the field of leadership. They brought to the session a diversity of perspectives on--and experiences with--the work of leadership. Objectives of the half day program were to enhance participants' understanding of important leadership capacities and skills; to explore a variety of approaches to strengthening leadership development through grantmaking; and to provide an opportunity for funders and practitioners to connect and think together about how to strengthen leadership development and social change in the nonprofit sector. Download (pdf) the synthesis of learning below.

Authors: Bella Celnik

Subjects: bay area, leadership development, cross program

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Leadership Outcomes Across Programs PDF file [download] [more info]

This piece documents LLC's early attempts to learn more about the leadership outcomes that programs are seeking for individuals, organizations, and communities; and the tools and methods programs are using to evaluate these outcomes. This document reflects and honors some of the important work that the Community completed as of April 2001, and provides a point of departure for the learning thereafter.

Authors: Deborah Meehan

Subjects: evaluation, leadership development, cross program, guides-tools-reports

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Four Quadrant Tool for Continuous Evaluation and Assessement PDF file [download] [more info]

The Leadership Learning Community working session on evaluation, through examining current questions and constructions of leadership development, created a model that begins to address challenges unique to evaluating such programs. The model is generated from a theory base that takes into account the self-organizing nature of systems. It also attempts to recognize the diverse perspectives that concurrently influence the leadership development process.

Authors: Zachary Green

Subjects: evaluation, leadership development, guides-tools-reports

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Guide to Leadership Development Evaluation Resources Microsoft Word file [download] [more info]

A collection of individual leadership assessment resources and tools

Authors: Claire Reinelt

Subjects: evaluation, leadership development, guides-tools-reports

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Leadership Development Theory of Change PDF file [download] [more info]

Excerpted from the Guide to Evaluating Leadership Development Programs prepared by the Evaluation Forum (based on their work with six international Reproductive Health/Family Planning (RH/FP) Leadership Programs).

Authors: Evaluation Forum

Subjects: evaluation, leadership development, guides-tools-reports, theory of change

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Accelerating Learning about Leadership Development: A Learning Community Approach PDF file [download] [more info]

In this chapter we discuss our personal experiences with the creation of a leadership development evaluation learning community. We describe the use of collective learning methodologies and share stories about how our work individually and collectively has benefitted.

Authors: Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt

Subjects: evaluation, leadership development, learning community, guides-tools-reports

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Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation External website [view] [more info]

This book provides broad and practical information about how to conduct leadership development evaluations using a variety of approaches, many of which have been recently developed. We have intentionally sought authors from a variety of sectors (nonprofit, academic, for-profit, and governmental agencies) to increase the diversity of perspectives, expertise, and experiences represented in these pages. The target populations and program designs covered in this handbook are also diverse; we believe this book represents a powerful opportunity for cross-program and cross-sector learning. In the rich online companion to the book we offer brief summaries of each of the chapters along with resources for each chapter and links to the resources where possible. This information is available by clicking on the book's section titles or chapter headings. To learn more about the content or ordering the book, visit the companion site now (click on the link below to access the companion site).

Authors: Kelly Hannum, Jennifer W. Martineau, Claire Reinelt

Subjects: leadership development, handbook, guide, evaluation

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Synthesizing and Integrating Learning from Across Leadership Development Evaluations PDF file [download] [more info]

The Evaluation Learning Circle held a two-day gathering in Baltimore in November of 2005 to explore the possibilities and challenges of synthesizing and integrating learning from across our leadership development evaluations. Twenty people participated in the Circle discussions. Download a document containing the agenda, notes, and relevant resources below.

Authors: Claire Reinelt, Janet Rechtman

Subjects: evaluation, leadership development, cross program

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