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About Us

Leadership is the lever needed to spark transformative change across our communities

Leadership Learning Community is a national nonprofit organization transforming the way leadership development work is understood, practiced and promoted, primarily within the nonprofit sector. 

We believe that the traditional leadership development model must to be challenged in order to address the needs of all leaders. By centering the experiences of folks most impacted by racism and inequity, we work towards transforming leadership development approaches and systems to reflect and create an equitable world by tapping into the potential of everyone seeking an opportunity to better society.

We know that we need a meta-shift in how we understand and develop leadership if we are going to produces systems change! This means leading and learning together through inclusive, networked and collective leadership to innovate new interventions that challenge the dominant way of thinking about leadership development

How We Do It

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  • We facilitate learning and relationship building through online and in-person convenings,
  • Encourage networked leadership by connecting leaders across boundaries to build trusted relationships and produce new ideas,
  • Offer thought leadership on innovative practices though frequent publications,
  • And transform the way funders and nonprofits approach leadership development through high-impact consulting services.

Work Highlights

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Cultivated a network of over 30 skilled and experienced affiliate consultants, who we collaborate with in a network-centric way, to deliver high-impact consulting services to foundations and nonprofits

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Convened over 1,000 leadership development practitioners, funders and social justice 
activists at our annual convening Creating Space

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Offered free monthly webinars and online workshops attended by 500 attendees a year

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Produced 8 publications, offering thought leadership on innovative practices that center forward thinking strategies

Our Board

Our People

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