Leadership & Collective Impact: A Guide For Strengthening the Impact of Your Leadership Development Work

2012 Leadership & Collective Impact


Leadership Learning Community Staff
Leadership Learning Community Network

Date Published:

September 2012


It is time to ask ourselves if the countless dollars and tremendous effort on the part of dedicated nonprofit leaders are getting us where we need to be. Many would agree that we are falling short of the mark and are not seeing the progress that is sorely needed on any number of serious, complex social problems. In their seminal article, “Collective Impact,” John Kania and Mark Kramer suggest that no single individual or organization can tackle persistent social issues such as early childhood health outcomes, lowering global carbon emissions, or pervasive poverty alone. We need a new way of working together and a new kind of leadership to transcend hierarchical belief systems to bring about a change in how we treat each other as well as our greater global communities and ecosystems.