LLC Community Conversation | Reimagining Leadership

On June 9, 2020, the Leadership Learning Community held a community conversation to collectively explore how leadership development can advance liberation, equity, and justice, given the learnings and reflections from COVID-19 and the current racial justice mobilizations.

The objectives of the Community Conversation were to:

  • Offer attendees space for meaningful connections and moral support
  • Surface common needs folks within the LLC Network are sensing or experiencing
  • Explore how leadership development contributes to racial justice.
  • Identify what equity strategies people have tried already, what worked, and what is in development.

The conversation was joined by individuals from the leadership sector who identified as funders, practitioners, scholars/evaluators, government workers, and art and culture makers. During the session, the group had extensive and small-group conversations, all generating thoughtful and applicable ideas. Some of these ideas were captured in a collective document and the virtual call’s “chatbox.” Condensed notes from this conversation and a session recording are available below.