LLP Webinar Series 2021 | Session 1

What Does Liberatory Leadership Mean?


  • Monica Dennis is Co-Director of Move to End Violence. Monica is a Black feminist and lifelong advocate for racial and gender justice and equity, with her work across movements spanning three decades.
  • Elissa Sloan Perry is a writer, artist, cultural worker, healer, consultant, coach, and CoDirector of Change Elemental. She supports people with a vision for interdependently thriving people and planet to be better in what they do.

Session Recap

  • Our first session with Monica Dennis of Move to End Violence and Elissa Sloan Perry of Change Elemental gave us a common framework for what Liberatory Leadership is. Monica and Elissa shared two Liberatory frameworks. During the conversation we discussed the relationship between the two frameworks and how Elissa’s/Change Elementals’ work derived inspiration and guidance from Monica’s. Monica’s framework describes how oppressive structures work to disconnect us from each other and ourselves and how liberatory work functions to reconnect us. Building off of Monica’s work, Elissa’s framework offered a model for liberation that incorporated both inner work and deep equity work. Both talked about how liberatory approaches require us to negotiate power, relationships, the body, history, culture and narrative.