Introducing our Learning Framework: Part 2

Love & Joy

Healing & Inner Work

Collaboration & Interdependence

Learning & Experimentation

Abundance & Generosity

Liberation and Freedom

These are LLC’s values. It took us months to reach it along with our beliefs, strategies, activities, outcomes and vision. We are so grateful for our learning framework journey.

A learning framework is a guide, but even more importantly, the process of developing one serves as a tool in bringing stakeholders and teams together to clarify the vision and possibilities of our work. After 2020, many organizations have needed this realignment. Have you considered setting a new learning framework or theory of change as well?

With our new leadership in 2022 and our change in fiscal sponsorship, it was a ripe opportunity for us to do some inner organizational work.  Leadership Learning Community is, after all, a learning organization, and as you can imagine, we have thoroughly enjoyed the process and privilege of understanding where we’ve been and where we were headed. 

We started this process with internal conversations with our team, then our board and stakeholders, including partners and funders. We were also inspired by folx we often work with and learn from like the participants of the BIPOC Affinity group that we host every month, Move to End Violence, Change Elemental, the Liberatory Leadership Partnership, and more. Lastly, we were fortunate enough to work with Lesli LeGras Morris and Ada Palotai of StarLion Collective. In their care, and with their wisdom, we had partners that helped us deepen, clarify, and complete our learning framework. 

Today, we have a singular place that holds Leadership Learning Community’s values, beliefs, strategies, activities, desired outcomes and vision all in one place. It’s a guide that will take us into the next three to five years as a mission driven organization. We also expect to update it and realign it as we try it out. What stays evergreen is our commitment to tend to leadership that lends itself to a just and joyous future for strong movements and community solidarity. For us, this means continuing our work with liberatory leadership and making space for more folx to join. 

Without further ado, I’d like to invite you to view our full learning framework by visiting our website at: We look forward to growing with you.